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Delivery project and implementation

Delivery project

SundCom has all the competence and experience you need for your investment in a new business solution to be successful. We can participate through all or parts of the project - entirely according to wishes and needs.

In the role of project manager for installation projects, we coordinate subcontractors, monitor quality and secure technology and functionality in projects. 

We can also assist in defining parts of the delivery project, for example with

  • customer data collection

  • function tests

  • integration of different systems when merging businesses


Hand on heart - do you have your employees with you? 


An investment in a new communication system  is usually an investment to achieve better profitability through lower costs and more efficient communications and processes. Absolutely crucial to achieving the goal is that the employees are positive to the changes, are included in the process and see opportunities na with the new solution.

We are passionate about getting users involved and are happy to take on the role of project manager for implementation projects or alternatively carry out delimiting activities such as

  • Production of information materials, manuals and interactive user support

  • Training of operators, agents, administrators and employees

  • The implementation of workshops and information activities

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