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SundCom Telecom Keyboards - the original!

In collaboration with LogicKeyboard SundCom has developed and delivered shortcut keyboards to operators and agents since 2007. The system-adapted keyboards have become a great success and are the operator's and agent's favorite instead of worn sticky notes.

The keyboards are of premium quality and are super quiet:

  • Make work more efficient and faster.

  • Slim design.

  • Low-profile keys with nice response.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Are educational and facilitate new employees

and temporary workers to get into work quickly.

The keyboards are currently available for:

  • Mitel CMG InAttend and MiCC

  • Trio Enterprise

  • Tendfor Windows Client for Teams - NEW!

  • Competella

Keyboards for other systems are produced on request.

Price: SEK 1,590/pc

Select your language!

Apart from Swedish, all keyboards can be obtained in the language you wish. Keyboards in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and English are available for most systems.


Remember to supplement with our practical accessories, they make your work both more efficient and more pleasant!

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