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Workshop 1 day

Human communication plays a very important role for the company's contacts with the outside world to function well and make a professional impression. Regardless of how we communicate via phone, e-mail, Facebook, chat or on websites, the response must be service-oriented and tailored to the target group. The quality of the contact with the customer is primarily determined by factors such as treatment, behavior, service, attitudes and the way in which the customer dialogue is handled. The front staff are key people when it comes to creating good customer relations.


For who?

The workshop is aimed at you who work on the customer front and who have many contacts via telephone.

Purpose and goal

During the workshop, we create a consensus for professional communication and a good attitude in telephone conversations and in personal meetings.


We offer a workshop that:

  • creates a clear understanding of the communicative tools available in the customer dialogue

  • is a forum for discussion that provides a direct connection to the professional role

  • engages and stimulates one's own actions that positively affect the customer experience


Out of content
  • Professional and uniform service

  • Conversation structure; structure for the customer dialogue

  • Communication and conversation technology

  • Behavior guide

  • The moment of truth – the meeting with the customer

  • Professional, personal and private approach

  • Language and choice of words

  • Voice and tone

  • Influence/Attitude/Attitude

  • Exit

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