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Coaching Customer service

Personnel who work with customer service have a very important role in communication with customers. We follow the service provider's work with the aim of developing a good service. It is an ongoing work which, among other things, consists of careful observations and feedback. Continuous, direct and motivated feedback on work performed is one of our most important tools. As an outsider, you see things that the staff usually don't.

For who?

Personnel working with customer service

Purpose and goal

The purpose of the coaching is to train the staff to develop further in the customer dialogue, with a focus on service-oriented, clear and effective customer communication. By learning an adapted knowledge and getting tools and methods for professional communication in all customer meetings, the employee through the coaching will gain an increased awareness of how the dialogue affects the customer's experience.


The working method is based on experience where the theories are translated into practical action. Coaching is as much an attitude as a method. It's about supporting for better results.

  • Listening and guidance

  • Personal feedback

  • Personal training plan


The program covers ½ day per employee, consisting of

  • 2 hours of listening and guidance

  • 45 minutes of personal feedback/guidance


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