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Customer service

Make the most of your system!

Statistically speaking, only half of the possibilities in a telephone system are utilized. What would it mean for your business if you started using the rest too?

Training and support on your terms

Of course, we make sure that you get the knowledge you need in the way that suits you. Contact us and we will jointly arrive at which method or methods will be best for you:
Teacher-led education:Many years of telecom background and proven pedagogy mean that our training consultants can generate optimal utilization of your company's telecom investments.

  • Teacher-led training is carried out

  • on site at your place

  • in SundCom's premises in Malmö

  • or via webinars

E-learning/Interactive user support

With SundCom's interactive user support, the information is there when you need it and is basically available wherever you are.

Follow-up and deepening

Some time after completed training, we follow up to ensure that you are satisfied and have gained the knowledge you need. Repetition is the mother of knowledge, so there is always the opportunity for both follow-up and deepening as needed.

Trio User Support

Trio User Support gives you the support you need to feel secure in your use of Trio and is an excellent supplement for all users of the Trio system – operators, administrators, agents and telephone users.

Educational program

We have expertise in the majority of large telephony systems and are hired by all major system suppliers in Sweden to train their customers. Among other things, we are, as the only independent actor in Sweden, a certified Training Partner to Trio/Enghouse.





Microsoft Skype for Business

Tele2 Centrex

Trio Enterprise


Vision 80/20

Other services

We also offer solid competence when it comes to inventory and analysis of what your communication needs look like, as well as compilation of customer data - the basis for programming telephony systems.


  • Are you ready to take full advantage of your company's telecom investments?

  • Are you ready to communicate more effectively?

  • Are you ready for an analysis of what your communication needs look like?


Develop yourself in your professional role

SundCom Group has the market's strongest program when it comes to strengthening you in your professional role within Telecom and customer service.

Telephony system– training and support

We have expertise in all major telephony systems and are, among other things, the only independent actor in Sweden certified Training Partner to Trio/Enghouse. Read more in the right column.

Telecom responsibility– training and coaching

Telephony is not just a telephone or a switchboard. It is a connection between service, finance, technology and behaviour. 

The educations that are available are often system educations or educations in various professions, for example how to sign contracts, management education, economics education or the like.

But how do you get it together? This education serves as the glue between these different educations.

Customer service– training, coaching and certification

One of our heart areas. We help telephone operators and customer service personnel to develop in their professional roles. We listen, advise, coach and support.

Contact Center Management– training and coaching

The training covers urgent and fundamental questions, problems and solutions for the work with Contact Center Management. Detailed, however, simple and quickly applicable. We go through methods that can be used in the operation of most Contact Centers, it is about:

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