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eLearning - knowledge Online

Is it worth SEK 5 a month to get full value for your investment? SundCom's eLearning and interactive user support are the market's sharpest and most cost-effective tools for those who want to communicate effectively.

The program is designed so that it is quick and easy to find the information you are looking for. It is interactive and gives you the opportunity to rehearse as often as you need and to convert the knowledge to your unique work situation. To stimulate learning, all courses are structured with text, sound and images.

Interactive online user support

The commissioning of a new telecom system is one of the most critical phases of the delivery project. Here it is important to get the users up to speed with all the new functions. With SundCom's interactive user support, users can quickly and easily find the information they need to be able to use the system fully.

Customized eLearning

In organizations with extensive telecommunications, for example Contact Centers, it is often of business strategic importance that customer service and efficient management of the telephony are world class.

SundCom has successfully developed and delivered customized eLearning programs, which, based on policies and values, elevate the company's customer service.

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