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Give the face of the company a lift!

Since its inception in 2002, SundCom has certified the operator function in a number of county councils, municipalities and large companies. The end result is a tangible boost for the entire organization as well as for the individual employee.


The goal of the certification program is for all employees to work in a uniform manner according to documented procedures in order to provide a professional and safe service that should lead to:

  • Increased efficiency.

  • Increased ability to reach set goals

  • Increased general satisfaction and well-being.


The certification program includes: 
  • Information meeting with all relevant personnel

  • Listening/coaching and guidance

  • Individual feedback/guidance

  •  Final Evaluation/Summary

  • Group meetings for the development of documented routines and a coordinated profile

  • Presentation of the developed routine proposal

  • Follow-up and certification with awarding of diplomas

  • Audit

Certification of operator/receptionist function

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