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Service Management

Service Management means that we take full or shared responsibility for your telephony. This can happen periodically in case of high workload, sick leave, vacation or until further notice. We can help you in three areas:

  • Help Desk

  • Order function

  • System administration

Contact Center Management

Managing a Contact Center means playing on many playing fields at the same time. Among other things, it is important to be able to understand the technology, how to organize the business, staffing planning and the development and management of employees.

Examples of areas we can help with:

  • Establishment of planning processes for better and more efficient accessibility

  • Channel strategies (for calls, mail, chat, social media, etc.)

  • Requirements specifications and procurement of work force management

  • Development of voice-controlled solutions

  • Strategies for goals, measurement and follow-up

  • Create understanding among management, managers and employees for the driving forces within a Contact Center

Certification of operator/reception function

In order for a telephone operator/receptionist function to be competitive, constant improvements and renewals are required in the business. The certification program means that we work together to develop a uniform and structured way of working in order to be able to constantly improve and further develop the business.

Purpose of the certification program:

  • To have a motivated and customer service-oriented staff with the right attitude towards both customers and colleagues and with the ability to handle and solve customers' daily problems and wishes in a positive and pleasant way

  • To find uniform call handling and uniform routines

  • That requirements from customers are met by everyone within the unit

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