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Who takes care of the phone when you can't?

For most people, telephony is a strategic function. In many companies and authorities, it is one person who is responsible for the telephony, which means a vulnerability and, on many occasions, a high workload.

Service Management means that SundCom takes full or shared responsibility for your telephony. This can happen periodically in case of high workload, sick leave, vacation or until further notice. The support function is offered in three areas:



We offer a help desk that handles all telephone matters. We help employees with user questions regardless of whether they are in customer service or are a smartphone user in the field. We handle error reports against operators and system suppliers.

Order function

Regardless of whether it is an own telephone system or communication as a service, we can manage the ordering function, such as new orders and changes to extensions and services. Also orders for phones, headsets and accessories.

System administration

We take care of the system administration. Updates customer data in the telephony system, subscriber database and active directory.

Service Management

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