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SundCom's Partner Program
Participation in your customer's delivery project

The better the supplier's and the customer's project organizations mirror each other, the more efficient and profitable the delivery project will be for both parties, not least for you as the supplier. We can

  • quality assurance of the customer's and your project with a coordinating project manager

  • strengthen the customer's project organization with project managers and project resources

  • strengthen the customer's project organization with resources for implementation in the organization

  • strengthen the customer's operational organization, so that the own resources can focus on the delivery project

Added value for you as a partner
  • We reduce the load on the service desk through optimal use of the customer's solution thanks to training, user support and interactive user support.

  • We develop the skills of your employees in presale and service desk

  • We assist in the preparation of offers

  • We ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty through follow-up of project assignments in collaboration with your sales organization. At the same time, we identify customer needs and new business opportunities.

  • We identify customer needs using statistics and behavioral analysis from eLearning and interactive user support.

Participation in your delivery project
  • Project management

  • Workshops

  • Customer data collection

  • Functional tests

  • Education and information

  • Interactive user support/eLearning

  • System-adapted keyboards

  • Operational support/getting started support for operators and users

  • User support

  • Follow-up of customer satisfaction

New business opportunities

Our network of professional consultants gives you a range of opportunities to maximize customer satisfaction, as well as create added value and new business opportunities by, for example:

  • Develop the customer's employees with customer contact in their professional role through training and coaching

  • Streamline and certify the customer's operator/receptionist function

  • Provide the customer with resources for operation and management

  • Streamline the customer's Contact Center

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