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Make full use of your system

SundCom has trained Sweden's telephone operators, agents, administrators and telephone users since 2002 and has been the market leader since 2007. We have expertise in the major telecom systems and are hired by the major system suppliers in Sweden to train their customers._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Many years of telecom background and proven pedagogy mean that our training consultants generate optimal utilization of your company's telecom investments.

Telecom training courses

Training, user support and support

Education on your terms

Of course, we make sure that you get the knowledge you need in the way that suits you. Contact us, and we will jointly determine which method will benefit you the most:

  • teacher-led training on site at your place

  • eLearning or an interactive user support

Or a combination of both methods!

User support at start-up

The commissioning of a new telecom system is one of the most critical phases of the delivery project. Here, it is important to get users up and running with all the new functions quickly.


A consultant from SundCom is on site on the day of operation to help operators, agents  and telephone users to make optimal use of their new program. The goal is for all users to feel secure with the new system.

Interactive user support

SundComsinteractive user supportis the perfect tool for users to quickly and easily find the information they need to fully utilize the system.

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