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If you work as a telephone operator, agent in a Contact Center, customer receptionist in a Helpdesk or are responsible for the company's telephony or customer service and want to develop in your professional role, you have come to the right place. Vi strengthens you in your professional role within Telecom and Customer Service.

We listen, advise, coach, support and certify.

Develop yourself in your professional role!

Contact Center Management
Education and coaching

This training covers the basics of staffing planning (goals, forecasts and staffing calculation). From staffing calculation to schedule is also an important part of the course, as well as the consequences of various events that affect forecasting and staffing. We address leadership issues such as, for example, how to set goals, how to handle unexpected events and how you manage the collaboration between first- and secondline.

Voice Management
Education and coaching

Telephony in a company is not just a telephone or a switchboard/reception. It is an interplay between service, finance, technology and behavior. Many of the courses available are often system courses or courses in various professions. Here is the training where you learn how it all comes together. We share our experiences, our mistakes and successful projects.

Customer service

Education, coaching and certification

It is always the experience that counts, it can be absolutely decisive for a customer's choice of supplier. We have many years of experience in customer service training and helping operators, customer service staff and agents develop in their professional role. 

Telecom training courses

Training and user support


We train on your terms and have competence in most telephony systems. With SundCom's e-learning, you keep the knowledge alive and get access to support and help whenever you need it.

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