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Customer service and reception

The quality of the contact with the customer is primarily determined by factors such as treatment, behavior, service, attitudes and the way in which the customer dialogue is handled. Regardless of how we communicate via telephone, e-mail, Facebook, chat or on websites, the response must be service-oriented and tailored to the target group.


It is always the experience of the person we meet that counts. The experience can be absolutely decisive for a customer's choice of supplier.

SundCom Group has many years of experience in training in customer service for all personnel who work with telephone systems. We are passionate about helping telephone operators and customer service staff develop in their professional role. We listen, advise, coach, support and certify.

Coaching Customer service


The purpose of the coaching is to develop further in the customer dialogue, with a focus on service-oriented, clear and effective customer communication.

It is an ongoing work which, among other things, consists of careful observations and feedback. Continuous, direct and motivated feedback on work performed is one of our most important tools. As an outsider, you see things that the staff usually don't.

See alsoCertification of operator/receptionist function

Workshop for 1 day

The workshop is aimed at you, who work on the customer front and who have many contacts via telephone. During the workshop we create a consensus for professional communication and a good attitude in telephone conversations and in personal meetings._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_We create together a forum for discussion, which provides a direct connection to the professional role and creates a clear understanding of the communicative tools available in the customer dialogue

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